Poetry by Sarah B Sullivan

“Iris,” read by Sarah B Sullivan


Hello! Thank you for visiting my incredibly complex web page. I have been writing poetry in a more focused manner since early 2016, after I left my primary care practice in New Hampshire. My poems are inspired by daily life experiences, other poets, memories, and deep thoughts.

I have self-published three books, While it Happened and Together, in Pieces, and Somewhere There’s Always Enough, which are collections of the poems I wrote each of the past three Novembers in a daily poem effort for the fundraiser 30 Poems in November! to support the Center for New Americans, based in Northampton, MA.

Additionally, I have poems published in Switchgrass Review, Sixfold, Western Massachusetts Medical Magazine, FreeLit Magazine, AroundWellington.com, WordPeace.co, as well as several anthologies.

Writing on a regular basis and working with other writers are the two legs of a two legged stool which enables me to sit a bit precariously and let my words enter my head and show up on the page. The sharing and editing of these works is the fun part of the process for me. Thus, you showing up to read a bit of my work, and perhaps order a book or two at a wicked low price, means more fun for me.

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